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June 2018


Branded online and mobile ordering technology for all foodservice operations.

Online ordering is the future of chain restaurants.

Why should it be any different for smaller restaurants to make the same impact?

Mitchell Skees and his brother know that streamlined online ordering services are important for restaurants to thrive in the foodservice industry. They also know that this type of technology is not easily accessible to many smaller and standalone restaurants.

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Together, they created 3B Apps, a business three years in the making that offers a way for smaller restaurants to take advantage of online ordering technology without breaking the bank. The business creates a personalized app for each of their clients, including logos, social media links, and a comprehensive ordering system based on the restaurant’s menu.

Mitchell and his brother are in college and high school respectively, and building a business has been difficult to juggle. Nonetheless, 3B Apps has already had success among its customers. Mitchell expressed that knowing their business priorities has helped them outsource some of the work to make the experience more effective and efficient alongside their busy school schedules.

The company’s goal is to connect smaller restaurants with their customers and allow these smaller restaurants to compete with bigger chains.

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Business Updates

Entrepreneurship Spotlight: 3B Apps

If you are looking for motivation this week, look no further than Mitchell Skees and his two brothers, Nathan and Connor Skees. Founding 3B Apps in 2015, their first job was creating a mobile app for Fortune 500 company, Aramark – oh and did we mention the three boys were just 15 and 13 years old at the time?

Student Startups Launch at The NIIC

The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center in Fort Wayne says seven startups have launched through its Student Venture Lab Program. The organization says six are for-profit and one, focusing on feeding the needy, is nonprofit.

The program is by the Lincoln Financial Foundation, the Edward & Mary McCrea Wilson Foundation and iAB Financial Bank.

Student Venture Lab: 3B Apps

Mitchell Skees and his brother Connor grew up in an entrepreneurial household. They became fascinated with programming and eventually decided to try their hand at turning their hobby into a business – but they needed support.

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