Willie Ivy

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Willie Ivy – Ivy’s Jerk Joint LLC

Ivy’s Jerk Joint is the only Jamaican jerk restaurant in Fort Wayne, recently opened by Willie Ivy. Willie has big plans in mind for the success of his restaurant, and with the right resources, he can thrive and eventually open another location. With the micro-grant from Farnsworth, Willie will be able to invest in a sign outside his restaurant so his customers can easily find his location.

Luke Bassett

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Luke Bassett – BŪMI JUICE

The demand for fresh-pressed juice in Fort Wayne became apparent when Luke Bassett was asked to make juice for a local fresh food grocery story. BŪMI JUICE was born–100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juice. Luke produces dozens a bottles of week in Auburn, IN. As a recipient of a micro-grant from Farnsworth, Luke can purchase client management software, a refrigeration unit, and print high-quality labels for his bottles.

Denise Hoff

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Denise Hoff – Fresh Food Hub

Denise and her team first opened Fresh Food Hub in 2015, and since then, they have grown to a community who want to get people out of the fast food lane and back in the kitchen. Their goal is to equip and teach people how to cook fresh food for themselves. A grant from Farnsworth can help them purchase equipment for their teaching kitchen so more people can learn how to cook healthy food.

Robert Johnson

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After his success with Crossroads Kombucha, Robert Johnson decided to tap into a venture that hasn’t quite been explored in our region yet: sparkling water. Inspired by the culture and flavors around the world, he hopes to create three unique flavors of sparkling water. Through a grant from Farnsworth, Robert can purchase the brite tanks he needs for quick carbonation, allowing him to create a quick-to-market product.

Whitney Wright

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Whitney Wright just opened Glam Studio after the success of her online store over the past two years. Her store specializes in virgin wigs and hair products specifically for virgin hair, which is unprocessed, non-dyed or permed, all-natural human hair. Using the micro-grant from Farnsworth, Whitney will be able to purchase more product and inventory for her storefront and invest in marketing materials.

Peyton Schrock

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Peyton Schrock, 18, is excited about Farnsworth Fund mentors as he capitalizes on the Farm-to-Table trend. Peyton plans to supply farm customers with baby chicks and feed, then return with a mobile processing unit and onsite service to provide butcher fresh chicken, freezer-ready and vacuum sealed. Wise beyond his years, this LaGrange County entrepreneur is eager to help other young entrepreneurs with what he has learned.

Ayesha Forte & Cicely Wright

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Ayesha Forte’ and her partner, Cicely Wright, have created Black Seed Vegans, a vegan catering service featuring original recipes. Next on the menu: grab and go vegan meals at local stores, a brick and mortar fitness café, and expansion beyond our region. The Farnsworth grant is helping Ayesha and Cicely obtain necessary permitting and access to a commercial kitchen.