Derek Taylor

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Derek Taylor – Simple Nature

Crafting soap, candles, and cleaners, Derek Taylor started Simple Nature to provide simple, all-natural products without all the harsh chemicals. His products are high-quality and made in small batches so every product meets the standards of their customers. A micro-grant through Farnsworth Fund will allow Derek to find a permanent place for production.

Molly Grimm

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Molly Grimm – Wool & Cottage

In Auburn, crafting and community have come together through Wool & Cottage, a place for women to learn useful skills and have fun doing it. Molly Grimm started Wool & Cottage to provide knitting classes to the community that anyone can join. She currently uses knitting kits to teach her classes, and through a grant from Farnsworth, Molly can purchase more knitting kits, allowing her to teach more classes per month.

Jamie Bright

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Jamie Bright – 5ivehi Clothing

After the tragic loss of his son, Jamie decided to take the opportunity to memorialize his son and give back to the community through a clothing line. Through this business, Jamie can devote time and energy to Fort Wayne’s inner city youth and keep the memory of his son alive despite their tragedy. A grant through Farnsworth will help Jamie and his wife invest in more merchandise and manufacturing.

Janae Andrews

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Born with naturally curly hair, Janae Andrews was tired of using products that were damaging and excessively harsh on her hair. Not only was she losing the healthy look of her curls, the curl pattern itself was lost because of products that didn’t work and only damaged her hair. Janae created Banah Hair Care, a product line to help rebuild hair texture, reconstruct curl pattern, and restore curls to their glowing, healthy state. With the micro-grant, Janae can begin the process of attaining a provisional patent on her products.

Dvonte Collins

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The need for a lockout service was apparent to Dvonte Collins when he realized how often he locked his own keys in his car. He started Collins Lockout Service six months ago, providing customers with emergency lockout services and jumpstarts in Fort Wayne. A micro-grant from Farnsworth will allow Dvonte to purchase a key cutting machine, allowing him to serve his customers in more ways and assist him in growing his business.

Latoya Winston

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Sugar Me Soft was created by Latoya Winston after she came up with an all-natural, safe sugar scrub used for the hands, feet, face, and lips. While at cosmetology and esthetician school in Las Vegas, Latoya began the creation of her sugar scrub with the help of a teacher, who is also a chemist, who helped her develop the perfect scrub. Her sugar scrub is effective in scrubbing away dead skin cells, natural, and safe enough to eat. With the micro-grant from Farnsworth, Latoya will update her product labels and bottles and begin legal documents for trademark and patent recipes.

Tommy Cutter

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Tommy Cutter, along with his business partner Shruti Sharma, created Sustainable Thinkers to help promote and sell sustainable products from up and coming businesses. The e-commerce website will sell goods that promote positive change, like reducing plastic pollution, fair trade transparency, abstaining from the use of animal testing, and more. Using the micro-grant from Farnsworth, they can buy products from reputable companies and invest in social media advertising.

Raul Perez

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For the past year and a half, Raul (32) has been working to build his inspirational clothing brand called Change Your Fate. With a background in graphic design, Raul creates designs for his tshirts that share a simple message: take a risk, do your best work, and change your fate. A micro-grant through Farnsworth will enable this new company to invest in social media marketing that will grow their exposure and increase sales.

Ben Fair

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Ben Fair, is into luxury AND people who are hurting. Ben’s company, S.B. Carper, sells all-natural luxury goods and high-end men’s clothing. He gives a portion of all profits to Blue Jacket for the training and job placement of the disadvantaged who want a second chance. Ben is using the Farnsworth Fund grant to launch a fragrance line.

Dylan Belcher

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Dylan Belcher and his cofounder Justin Davis are perfecting the “Uber for pickup trucks.” Their company, CARTT, began as an on-demand pickup and delivery service for various goods. Seeing the best product market fit, they changed focus to big box stores. With the Farnsworth Fund grant, Dylan and Justin will extend online marketing and network of contracted drivers to open a second territory, northern Indianapolis.