Noah Huffman

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Before this year, any discerning analog photographer had to mail their film to one of the few national labs for film processing. Seeing the need, the team at Fort Wayne Film Lab opened their doors hoping to provide a local film lab so photographers in the midwest could develop their film without mailing it out. Now, they’re processing multiple rolls of film a day, providing a better, local solution for analog photographers in the Midwest. As a recipient of a micro-grant, Noah and his team will be able to purchase a new scanner so they can serve more customers with a faster turnaround.

Grant Giszewski

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Grant Giszewski – Content Creator

As a local creator in Fort Wayne, Grant Giszewski creates video content for businesses meant for use across social media platforms. He specializes in helping businesses grow their business through the unique reach that social media offers. With a grant from Fortitude Fund, Grant can purchase high-quality video equipment to continue producing exceptional content.

Davonta Beckham

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Davonta Beckham – The Art of Beckham

As an artist, illustrator, and creator, Davonta Beckham discovered that by creating visual art that support dreams, happiness, and well-being could leave a lasting impact on the world. Through his venture The Art of Beckham, Davonta hopes to inspire and challenge through art, storytelling, and imagination. A micro-grant can help him complete the formation of an LLC, further his line of products, and begin exploring publication for his first children’s book, If You Know You Could Fly.

TK Kelly

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Tom Kelly came up with the unique idea of creating a culinary, musical, and creative arts experience in an intimate environment. This exclusive experience will serve guests with a three-course meal while songwriters and artists share their work throughout an evening. With the micro-grant, Tom and his partner can invest in branding that will exemplify their unique and exclusive dining venture.

Albert Rettew

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Albert Rettew create PHAT Workshop as a content creation house that develops intellectual property in the form of a story through film. As the creative director, he guides a creative team to develop a story that is ready to be pitched to external investors, producers, distributors, and/or production companies. With a grant, Albert can begin the development of a website and begin the process to incorporate his business.

Jay Carroll

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Recently, Jay Carroll opened his own instrument repair shop out of his home on the southside of Fort Wayne. He hopes to provide services like string instrument repair, education and seminars on instrument maintenance, restoration of instruments for donation, as well as begin a partnership with Clyde Theater and musicians who perform there. With the micro-grant, Jay can purchase the tools he needs to repair more instruments and begin his donation program.

Terrence Smith

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During his second year at the FWCS Career Academy, Terrence (18) was inspired to create his own graphic design business, offering design work including logos, advertisements, and other marketing pieces. His vision is to help other organizations tell their stories with original designs, marketing pieces, and tshirts. With the micro-grant, Terrence can expand his business, invest in equipment, and expand how he offers his services and products.