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Q & A with Karly Wolfcale

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“I have fallen in love with business and entrepreneurship, so no matter what I decide to do when I am older, I am sure it will have something to do with this new passion.”

What is it like running a business while balancing school?

Running a business while balancing school can be super challenging. Trying to balance the SAT and meetings can get very overwhelming, very quickly. I have had to learn how to manage my time wisely a lot quicker than most of my classmates have. It is challenging working with people that have more normal business hours when I don’t get home until 9:00 at night, therefore my workday starts pretty late. However, the time management skills and people skills that I am learning early on in my career will serve me well for my future, which makes it extremely worthwhile.

What do your family and friends think about you running a business?

I would not have started a business and received all of these amazing opportunities, such as the Farnsworth Fund, without my parents. My dad has always been there to discuss business issues I am facing and has kept me motivated throughout the process, especially when I get discouraged. My family helps keep the flame inside me alive. On another note a lot of my friends have heard a lot about my business because I will enthusiastically tell anyone who will listen to me, but many of them are truly not sure what I’m actually up to.

Does this affect future plans such as college, career, etc?

This has impacted my entire future plans! In my earlier teen years, I was convinced I was going to be a Veterinarian. Because of these opportunities, my vet school plan has gone completely out of the window. I have fallen in love with business and entrepreneurship, so no matter what I decide to do when I am older, I am sure it will have something to do with this new passion.

Why should students just "jump in" and not wait to start their own business?

Students should just “jump in” and start their own business because…why not? Why wait until tomorrow when you know you can accomplish something today! Don’t think you are required to have college or business school completed before you can start your own business. I was worried because I knew I didn’t know every aspect of business, however I found out that there is no written guide to entrepreneurship when you are passionate about something. Every single person’s experience is different, so, yes, having a degree in business would be extremely helpful but it shouldn’t stop you. Not to mention the amazing people in the community that have had my back through everything. School can’t teach you how to have a passion for an idea or motivate you to change the world, this is something you have to find in yourself. I have talked to a lot of people my age with revolutionary ideas but are too afraid to start something. There are a million reasons not to do something and if you don’t start something now, when are you going to?

“School can’t teach you how to have a passion for an idea or motivate you to change the world, this is something you have to find in yourself.”

Credits of the app creation: Benjamin Steyer, Nicholas Hawn, David Bell, and Andrew Luttenbacher

Jon Rehwaldt

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Jon Rehwaldt – Fort Wayne Makers

Jon Rehwaldt noticed that Fort Wayne needed a community for creators and innovators to bring their ideas to life. He wants to build a community space that would house equipment and personnel so qualified individuals can reach prototype and testing, taking their products from ideation to reality. He can use a micro-grant from Farnsworth Fund to identify partners for this venture, evaluate a pilot program, and identify next steps to guide and grow the program.

Daniel Hart

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Daniel Hart – 3D Printing Prototype

3D printers have been around for a few years, but Daniel Hart discovered that the ones available lack innovation when it comes to the consumer market. He would like to create a line of printers that are easy to use, high-quality, and low cost, making them usable for just about anyone. With a micro-grant from Farnsworth, Daniel can invest in new parts for his products.

Leah Eber

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Leah Eber – Life Solutions Fitness

As a personal trainer and coach, Leah Eber knows the benefit health and wellness education can have on lives and communities. She wants to provide free workshops in Fort Wayne that provide people with a better understanding of why health and wellness matters and how it can have positive physical, mental, and spiritual impacts. Receiving a grant from Farnsworth allows Leah to invest in effective marketing and any equipment she needs to provide high-quality, educational workshops.

Sean Barker

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Sean Barker – Summit Cold Brew

Sean and his wife Kristin started Summit Cold Brew, a local cold brew coffee company. They’ve been selling their product at the local farmer’s market and select pop-up shops around Fort Wayne, and they’re looking to expand to a commercial space to continue production. They can use the micro-grant from Farnsworth to pay for required permits and subsidize the cost of renting a commercial space.

Derek Taylor

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Derek Taylor – Simple Nature

Crafting soap, candles, and cleaners, Derek Taylor started Simple Nature to provide simple, all-natural products without all the harsh chemicals. His products are high-quality and made in small batches so every product meets the standards of their customers. A micro-grant through Farnsworth Fund will allow Derek to find a permanent place for production.

Willie Ivy

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Willie Ivy – Ivy’s Jerk Joint LLC

Ivy’s Jerk Joint is the only Jamaican jerk restaurant in Fort Wayne, recently opened by Willie Ivy. Willie has big plans in mind for the success of his restaurant, and with the right resources, he can thrive and eventually open another location. With the micro-grant from Farnsworth, Willie will be able to invest in a sign outside his restaurant so his customers can easily find his location.

Sarah Trombley

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Sarah Trombley – Lunar Infusions

Sarah Trombley makes kombucha, a fermented tea that has little to no sugar with incredible health benefits, like probiotic health. She started Lunar Infusions after brewing her own kombucha for a few years and selling it to friends and family. Because of Farnsworth, Sarah can invest in marketing that will help her get the word out about the benefits of kombucha.

Molly Grimm

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Molly Grimm – Wool & Cottage

In Auburn, crafting and community have come together through Wool & Cottage, a place for women to learn useful skills and have fun doing it. Molly Grimm started Wool & Cottage to provide knitting classes to the community that anyone can join. She currently uses knitting kits to teach her classes, and through a grant from Farnsworth, Molly can purchase more knitting kits, allowing her to teach more classes per month.

Luke Bassett

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Luke Bassett – BŪMI JUICE

The demand for fresh-pressed juice in Fort Wayne became apparent when Luke Bassett was asked to make juice for a local fresh food grocery story. BŪMI JUICE was born–100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juice. Luke produces dozens a bottles of week in Auburn, IN. As a recipient of a micro-grant from Farnsworth, Luke can purchase client management software, a refrigeration unit, and print high-quality labels for his bottles.