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July 2019

Noah Huffman

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Before this year, any discerning analog photographer had to mail their film to one of the few national labs for film processing. Seeing the need, the team at Fort Wayne Film Lab opened their doors hoping to provide a local film lab so photographers in the midwest could develop their film without mailing it out. Now, they’re processing multiple rolls of film a day, providing a better, local solution for analog photographers in the Midwest. As a recipient of a micro-grant, Noah and his team will be able to purchase a new scanner so they can serve more customers with a faster turnaround.

Nolan & Luke

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From the start, Nolan Chandler and Luke Schooley wanted to express their artistic vision. What started as an art collective has now become a meaningful project influenced by the skateboard community. Life in Perspective Skateboards is currently an apparel company made of unique, dynamic art and designs. In the future, Nolan and Luke hope to manufacture skateboards. Until then, a micro-grant from Farnsworth allows them to build their apparel inventory and create more designs.

Kelitra Auxier

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No woman should compromise on her wedding dress. Kelitra Auxier noticed that plus-size women were not offered the same unique, beautiful dresses as an average woman. She hopes to open a bridal shop that caters to every woman, offering wedding dresses of every size, color, and pattern so they can have the wedding of her dreams. Her micro-grant from Farnsworth Fund will help her build her inventory and invest in a marketing strategy.